Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Writing your own vows v2.0

I have written about this earlier, but I am always inspired by conversations with my clients.  Different people consider this option, and its difficulty or simplicity quite differently.   The matter is subjective, so I hope this gives you a little help to Keep Calm and ...  anyway -  Have a great week :-)

How to write vows?

Logical explanation:

In your vows, you speak in future-tense.
This is because, in your marriage, you make decisions that affect both of you. 
You are making a promise today, that is the promise you will deliver tomorrow, everyday, 2, 5, 10 + years from now.

Abstract explanation:

The greatest promise you feared to give to yourself, for tomorrow – what is it?
In marriage you can share and give this with someone else.  Someone who will share in your dream…

In both cases, the answer is to grab a pen and paper.

You can research, you can write.  You can feel it is all not-so-easy.  BUT! You will know the words when you see them. Because these will be your words..  Borrow them, conjure them, use your ‘speak’ or jargon, or the jokes your mum use to tell you.  These are words you will own, and these words will help you and your marriage become exactly what you mean for it to be. 

I promise to be your partner, lover, companion and friend;
Your comrade in adventure and your accomplice in mischief.

I vow to laugh with you in joy and support you in sorrow.
When our love grows easily, and when it is an effort.

I promise to enter this marriage
To give everything I am
From this moment
To celebrate our life together always.

I will love, respect and cherish you
through all of our days.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Haiku for weddings

Apologies for the very few posts lately.  Have been writing small poems and personalised haikus for weddings.

When tailoring a reading for your wedding, consider also MUSIC!  Your favourite song can be amended to be customised and very unique.  It would make for a very lyrical reading too.

If you have an idea to share, feel free to email me and I can share it with others too.

And here's a pic of me performing a ceremony on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge last week.  I am bottom far right.  Sorry you can't hear what I'm saying :-)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

May 2013

So far, no clients have adopted the idea of having a performance or re-enactment instead of a Reading in their ceremony.

I've had songs being performed however, and that worked really well!

Planning, planning...

Just a few ideas you might want to use, that I have applied having assisted with the coordination, logistics, ceremony and reception MC for a few friends on their big day.  So far, no contingency plans have been executed, but you should definitely have them!

If you want to keep your guests in suspense as to a mystery location (or if you just do not wish to delegate communications for unexpected changes to location), try setting up a blog before you print your invites.  Or failing that, sign up to a pre-paid mobile.

You can blog your developments and cast updates to guests who may not be connected on social media.

If using a prepaid mobile, you could record a voice invitation in that inbox and send your invites with that mobile number.  You can update the inbox message as needed (like tweets), or also confirm or change location details so that your guests can dial in and find out.

I've also compiled a document to list the info you should typically share to your helpers on the big day.

You can download these from

Happy planning!

P.s. if you're based in Sydney, I've found white wedding umbrellas are available for $20 in Crows Nest.  email me if you need details :-)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Reading: You, are.

A florist's harp
With love awoken
When you hand held mine.

A beat that skipped
Held firm by score untripped
When your heart held mine.

Your gentle grace
A melody's fair
Soft words
Your laugh
Like light
The only compare.

With only your hand
My being at your call.
You teach me to love
To care for
Cherish evermore.

My rhythm
My rest
Reason to be complete.
You, are.

2013 - By Crepe Bouquet
Permission given to be used in ceremonies.
Share your story by contacting me.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Writing your own vows

Whether you are choosing vows from the scripted collection of your Celebrant - you are writing them in history.  Your history.

Can you write your own?  - of course!

With all the tasks to prepare and delegate, couples often cite the simpler vows - trusted and tested - that at first sound so foreign, so surreal, comes to be the memory most entrenched to mark the day.   All the preparations are done, every schedule is coordinated, and yet the seemingly simple 30-50 words will always mark the beginning of all that is to come.

Unless you wish for it, vows will not be an eloquent speech.

It is personal and intimate. It is something you always wish to say - but not in front of all of the world.  But you will.

Here are examples and 3-steps to writing vows:

When you start, think of who you are, who your partner is, and what you wish to give and receive in return in marriage.

  1. Cut and paste from the examples below what sounds right to you.
  2. With every word borrowed, insert a line of your own (if you like).  
  3. Edit with your own inspiration.  Reduce to 8-12 lines.
Practice saying it out loud. Happy writing!


I love how you make me feel so happy and loved.
From you, I could not ask for more.  To you, I could not give less than everything I am.
I promise to love, care for & be true to you
To trust and be honest with you
To share and celebrate our life together
I promise to enter into this marriage with   respect for your identity and freedom
And I promise to stand by you through everything together
whether in sickness or health, through poverty or wealth, I give the strength of my love from this day and always
I promise my encouragement and my patience; my honesty and my loyalty; my strength and my love.
I promise to be your partner, lover, companion and friend
To be your partner in adventure, and accomplice in mischief
I vow to laugh with you in joy, and support you in sorrow
I make this promise to you as my best friend, my life's companion, and my (wife/husband)
You have challenged me and inspired me to become a better person.
I pledge to share my life openly with you,to honour and care for you
I join my life with yours as your husband/wife and best friend
I promise to respect your dreams and encourage you to reach your goals
I will love, cherish and respect you through all of our days
I look forward to building our lives and a   wonderful family together from now and always.
I commit to give my life to you in marriage, and to carry you through any challenge that may come our way
Together we are better than we could ever be alone
So from this day, I give you all that I am, and all you will help me come, for the rest of my life.
I promise to share everything that is me,   with you, always.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Inspirational Quote!

Love is the only game where two can play and both win

- Erma Freesman